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Chamber of the Americas (COTA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunity and assistance to businesses or organizations seeking to enter or expand
in the global marketplace.

To facilitate trade and investment that strengthens local economies and fosters a spirit of harmony, social and economic justice in the international community creating a society for the greater good of all humanity.

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News Headlines


EXIM Bank Welcomes
New Alliance Member
Chamber of the Americas!

      EXIM, an independent federal agency that supports and maintains U.S. jobs by filling gaps in private export financing at no cost to American taxpayers, has allied itself with Chamber of the Americas. The Bank provides a variety of financing mechanisms, including working capital guarantees and export credit insurance, to promote the sale of U.S. goods and services abroad. Almost 90 percent of its transactions directly serve American small businesses.

      In fiscal year 2016, EXIM approved $5 billion in total authorizations to support an estimated $8 billion in U.S. export sales. Since 2009, EXIM has supported more than 1.4 million American jobs in communities across the country and sent $3.8 billion of surplus to the U.S. Treasury for deficit reduction.

COTA Announces Its
New Outreach Program
"You are the Difference!"

      Chamber of the Americas (COTA) is proud to announce its positive and forward-thinking Outreach Program for the Greater Good of All Humanity..."You are the Difference!"
      "Due to the ever-changing tide in global events, we as a Chamber have decided to take a more active and leadership role in creating a society for the greater good of all humanity by planting seeds of hope and love," said COTA's Chairman and CEO Gil Cisneros.
      Tony Bottagaro, COO and Special Advisor on National and International Affairs said, "Under Gil's leadership and vision COTA continues to grow as a vibrant, well-positioned global organization. Over the last 25 years he has been tireless in his pursuit of economic empowerment and justice throughout the international community." He continued, "Gil has the courage and foresight to embark the Chamber on an exciting and challenging journey to heal a divided nation and international community now and into the future."
      "For over 35 years, Tony has traveled extensively bringing his message 'To Create A World More Human and More Divine' throughout many segments of society. The message crossed diverse ideologies in the social, business, religious and political realms, including the State Department, United Nations, and an audience with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican," said Mr. Cisneros. "When you combine Tony's efforts and the efforts of Dr. David Conde, who serves as COTA's North American President and senior consultant, you have a proven positive force implementing our outreach program."
      Gil continued, "Dr. Conde has over 33 years of experience in developing and conducting international programs in Europe, Mexico, Central and South America in the public and private sectors. His community work includes service as President of the Board of Directors of East Migrant Head Start Project, a 50-million-dollar project with 40 schools in 14 states along the east coast and the Gulf of Mexico."
      "In conjunction with COTA's outreach program, we are developing an interactive University program titled, "You are the Difference," said Dr. Conde. "The program's focus is to provide reflection, suggestions and solutions to our future leaders to respond and act on the ever-changing conditions, challenges, and opportunities that exist every day, locally and globally."
      Tony said, "The pathway and bridge to hope, whatever the situation, is to always remember the human face of all humanity." He continued, "Right now it's an upsidedown world driven by many factions and factors, all about labels, to try to define who we are and what we do. In these times of chaos, above all, we cannot lose sight, that if and when we can, in all that we do, inject the subtle power of love. It's time to end the negativity, fear and divisiveness that permeate society and, in the process, we can create a world more human and more divine.
      Chamber of the Americas respectfully requests your support by opening doors to present our outreach program to economic and educational organizations, chambers, corporations (national and International), NGOs, nonprofits, conferences, etc., and by participating in our inspiring and productive town halls.
      If interested, contact Tony Bottagaro direct at or 303-517-5825.

Gil Cisneros, Tony Bottagaro and guest speakers at COTA's August 23rd Executive Forum
Gil Cisneros and Tony Bottagaro of COTA at the August 23rd Americas Executive Forum Luncheon with guest speakers.

Chamber of the Americas
and Brazilian Chamber
Form Alliance

      A strategic alliance has been created between Chamber of the Americas and Chamber of Commerce of Mercosur and Latin America Union in Brazil, in the City of São Paulo.
      This strategic alliance affords both chambers to work together and develop mutually beneficial initiatives that will bring value to the members of each organization and community.
      Chamber of the Americas seeks to build and cultivate strong relationships among member and nonmember individuals and organizations to facilitate trade and investment that strengthen local economies and foster a spirit of harmony, social and economic justice, and cohesiveness in the western hemisphere.


      Chamber of the Americas Strategic Partnership Alliance with Carlos Figueroa, CEO of the Greater San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, has been expanded beyond OPIC to include EXIM bank and other financial institutions and organizations that support development throughout the international community.
      COTA is ready, positioned, and prepared for emerging market transactions and look forward to your requests. The door for business throughout the Americas and beyond is wide open.
      The pathway to economic empowerment and justice is to build a bridge of hope!

Chamber of the Americas
Named to OPIC's
Partners Program

      Chamber of the Americas has been recently named the newest member of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation's Partners Program, a public diplomacy initiative designed to expand knowledge of OPIC's role as the U.S. Government's development finance institution.
      Chamber of the Americas, which facilitates business relationships, promotes international networking and encourages cultural understanding through trade missions, executive forums, town halls, and educational classes, served as a co-sponsor of OPIC's Expanding Horizons seminar in Denver last October, which educated more than 100 American small businesses about the resources available from OPIC to help them compete in the global marketplace. Read more...

Congratulations from Senator Bennet on COTA joining OPIC

Tony Bottagaro, Congressman Coffman, and Gil Cisneros
Tony Bottagaro and Gil Cisneros of COTA met recently with U.S. Representative Michael Coffman (center), of Colorado's 6th Congressional District, to discuss
trade between Colorado
and the Americas.

COTA Announces Strategic
Partnership Alliance with
Greater San Jose Hispanic
Chamber of Commerce

      Chamber of the Americas Chairman and CEO, Gil Cisneros, and Carlos Figueroa, CEO, Greater San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, with their combined leadership and vision have created a Strategic Partnership Alliance to assist businesses that are looking to enter or expand into Emerging Economies Worldwide through the Overseas Partnership Investment Company (OPIC).
      Since 1971, OPIC has helped U.S. businesses of all sizes expand in emerging markets, and is open for business in more than 160 countries. OPIC affords businesses financial opportunities to meet their objectives and grow as a vibrant, well-positioned organization in the International Community. Both Chambers are part of OPIC's Partners Program and together with their creativity, and ability are a conduit to help businesses achieve their goals for the greater good. Read more...

Chamber of the Americas Names Tony Bottagaro as Chief Operating Officer

  Chamber of the Americas (COTA) is proud to announce the appointment of Tony Bottagaro as Chief Operating Officer (COO), a new position within the Chamber. In addition, Tony will continue to serve as special advisor
to COTA on National and International Affairs in the public and private sectors.
      Under the leadership and vision of the Chamber's Chairman and CEO, Gil Cisneros, COTA continues to grow as a vibrant, well-positioned organization in the Western Hemisphere. For the Chamber to move forward and meet its objectives the need for a Chief Operating Officer has become apparent. Read more...

Gil Cisneros: The Right Place at the Right Time
excerpted from
Colorado Mountain College website

  In 1967, Gil Cisneros was newly married and feeling the pressure to get started on a career. "I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I couldn't see myself working underground
for the rest of my life," says Cisneros, who was working as a miner at Climax Molybdenum Mine in Leadville. He started taking classes at the newly opened Colorado Mountain College – East Campus, where he was able to study in between his shift work at the mine. "My experience at CMC Leadville was exceptional," Cisneros recalls, 50 years later.
      He knocked out several core courses in science and foreign language, transferred to Adams State College and completed his bachelor's degree in three years. Since that time, he has had an illustrious career, culminating with the founding of the Chamber of the Americas in Denver in 2001.
      The Chamber fosters trade and investment relationships primarily between South American countries and U.S. business interests. His work has been lauded by numerous professional organizations, including Hispanic Magazine, which in 2002 recognized Gil with the U.S.-Latin American Friendship Award at the Hispanic Achievement Awards. Prior to that, the Mexican government honored him as Businessman of the Year for the Rocky Mountain Region, 2000, and in 2007, the Institute of International Education presented Gil with the "Global Colorado Award."
      "I've been very, very lucky," he says of the opportunities that have been available to him. "I was in the right place at the right time several times in my life, and it started with attending CMC."
      Now, at the age of 73 and a grandfather of two high school students, he encourages young people to look beyond the traditional college path and consider the advantages of community college. He tells his grandchildren about his time at CMC and how the flexibility of the faculty and class structure enabled him to find his path to a rewarding and fulfilling career. "CMC was a wonderful, wonderful experience for me."

COTA Congratulates Norma Mozeé on Appointment as Foreign Service Officer

      Chamber of the Americas' member, Norma Mozeé of Afinidad Americas, writes to us of her future in 2017. We wish her the best and share here her letter of thanks:
      "I wanted to write to thank you. Not sure if the news has made it through the grapevine but I want to let you know that I've accepted an assignment as a Foreign Service Officer. I'll be heading to D.C. in January to start my FSO training then will get a post somewhere in the world. I'll know where on Flag Day, February 10th.
      "I owe in part this next step of my career to you taking me under your wing when in 2004 you opened doors for me within your network. I'm forever grateful to you. I'm blessed you've been in my life and such a great support to me.
      "My best to you and much continued success with COTA in 2017. My best to Rosie and the familia."

COTA Announces Alliance
with CCM International
Consulting in Belize,
Central America

      Belize is the jewel of the Caribbean. Tourism is increasing, real estate projects are too numerous to count, Norweigan cruise ships are now arriving and more airlines like Southwest and WestJet are serving Belize. The timing is perfect for more businesses to become more familiar with Belize and the opportunities for collaboration.
      COTA is announcing the alliance with CCM International Consulting, LLC to represent Belize in promoting the vision of assisting businesses with new opportunities in this region. CCM International Consulting is helping businesses and consumers with alternative payment types to facilitate payments to merchants in the U.S.
      Consumers across the world without cards now can purchase from U.S. merchants and have their products sent to their address.

  Coleen Merritt has over 25 years of Global Treasury management experience. She has expertise in developing strategy and international business plans for very large
financial institutions and multi-national corporations. Ms. Merritt has worked with over 300 banks/corporations worldwide either as a consultant, correspondent bank client, corporate client or outsourcer provider. She focuses on new alternative payment solutions for businesses and consumers worldwide.

Chamber of the Americas,
PerksPlus and You

      The Chamber of the Americas is now participating in United Airlines PerksPlus (MileagePlus) program. This program helps the Chamber of the Americas earn mileage for our business trips. When you fly with United, Chamber of the Americas earns points, and YOU WILL NOT FORFEIT any of your own personal miles. All we need is your PerksPlus number.
       If you are not a member of PerksPlus, simply go to to register for your PerksPlus number. Then contact Gil Cisneros at 303.462.1275 or with your PerksPlus number and the full name on your card. It's that easy. Thank you for helping the Chamber advance business opportunities across borders.

COTA Initiates Conversations
with Chamber of Commerce
in Punta Cana

Cooperation between Both
Chambers will open
Opportunitites in Punta Cana

       Denver (CO) – The Chamber of the Americas (COTA), a not-for-profit organization with the goal of helping people make the most of business opportunities in the Americas, initiated earlier this month direct conversations with the Chamber of Commerce and Production of La Altagracia Province (CCPALT), located in Higüey, near Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic.
      On behalf of COTA, Dr. Francisco Miraval (COTA's Vice President of Public Relations) and his wife, Karin (a registered realtor both in Colorado and in Punta Cana) met with Aurora Castillo Montás, Executive Director of CCPALT; Diomedes Reyes, director of administration; and

Free Trade Zones
Create Untapped
Opportunities for
Business in Colorado

       The implementation of a new Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in Colorado has created new, still untapped opportunities for businesses in some areas of metro Denver and in designated areas of the eastern plains, according to Joe Kiely, a longtime member and supporter of the Chamber of the Americas (COTA).
Joe Kiely       Joe Kiely, Assistant Town Manager and Foreign Trade Zone Director at the Town of Limon, in eastern Colorado, was the keynote speaker at the recent The Americas Executive Forum Luncheon. He spoke about "Foreign Trade Zones: Bringing Global Business to Colorado."
      Kiely, with decades of experience in transportation and international trade, said there are 311 FTZs in the country, generating (as of 2014) almost $800 billion in income for the local economies

Milestone Reached In
Connecting International

Gil Cisneros is celebrating 25 years of Executive International Leadership helping hundreds of businesses expand into the North, Central and South America. The Chamber of the Americas (COTA) is pleased to announce that Gil Cisneros now serves as Chair of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Cisneros co-founded COTA in 2001. With his broad range of contacts, Gil drives COTA's mission of promoting business opportunities by connecting industries, businesses, investors, and government sectors throughout the Americas.

A Discussion on
U.S. Trade Opportunities
in Latin America
and Cuba

Laura Frigo, past Executive Director of the Chamber of the Americas Foundation, was interviewed on "Connect and Collaborate" (Colorado Business Roundtable) which aired on KNUS. Segment 1 centered around the impact the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) will have on Latin American countries. Segment 2 is a discussion of the possibilities for trade with Cuba. To listen to the broadcast, click on the segments listed below.
Listen to Segment 1
Listen to Segment 2

La Voz celebrating 40 years

      Being a life-long resident of Denver, I have followed La Voz over the years. La Voz has kept me current on issues impacting the Hispanic community. The coverage of Hispanic business,   Gil Cisneros
politics, culture, international issues and people is second to none in our area.
      I encourage everyone in our community to support this outstanding publication. Kudos to Pauline Rivera for keeping this newspaper alive and well.
      Ser residente de Denver de toda la vida, he seguido La Voz sobre los años. La Voz me ha mantenido vigente en cuestiones que afectan a la Comunidad hispana. La cobertura de los negocios hispanos, la política, cultura, asuntos internacionales y las personas, es insuperable en nuestra área.
      Animo a todos en nuestra comunidad para apoyar este excepcional publicación. Felicitaciones a Pauline Rivera por mantener este diario vivo y bien.

            Gilberto (Gil) Cisneros
            Chairman and CEO
            Chamber of the Americas (COTA)

La Voz covered . . .
the career of Gil Cisneros and his work with the Chamber of the Americas (COTA) as its CEO and President. Cisneros continues to build international relationships which benefit and strengthen the economical and environmental status of the U.S. and Latin American countries. Cisneros' overall dedication to the building of business relationships is a result of the sharing of ideas, resources and learning about Latin America.
La Voz cubrió . . .
la carrera de Gil Cisneros y su trabajo con la Cámara de las Américas (COTA) como su consejero delegado y presidente. Cisneros sigue construyendo relaciones internacionales que benefician y dan poder al estado del medio ambiente y económico de los EE.UU. y los países latinoamericanos. Cisneros dedicación total a la construcción de los negocios de la zona de relaciones resultado del intercambio.

Financially Supporting Small Business in the Global Marketplace

     Looking for financial opportunities in the Global Marketplace? Look no further!
     As the U.S. Government's development finance institution, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation helps American business invest in challenging emerging markets. The majority of development projects OPIC supports are with small and medium enterprises.
     Through our Partnership with OPIC, we are positioned and prepared to assist you in securing financing for projects in emerging markets! Our doors are wide-open for business throughout the Global Community. Contact Gil Cisneros, Chairman and CEO, Chamber of the Americas (COTA) at 303.462.1275 or via e-mail at

Our Team

Gilberto Cisneros   
Gilbert (Gil) Cisneros

Chairman and CEO
Chamber of the Americas

Dr. David Conde    Dr. David Conde

President of
North America
Chamber of the Americas

Tony Bottagaro    Tony Bottagaro

Chief Operating Officer
Chamber of the Americas and
Special Advisor to the
COTA Business Team

Jack Kahan    Jack Kahan

Global Energy and
Global Renewable
Chamber of the Americas

Alejandro Saavedra Jiménez   
Alejandro Saavedra Jiménez

Chamber of the Americas
in Mexico

J. Clovis Lemes   
J. Clovis Lemes

Executive Director
Chamber of the
Americas in Brazil

Adela Duran   
Adela M. Duran

Executive Director
Chamber of the
Americas in New Mexico

Verónica Medina   
Verónica Medina

Executive Director
Chamber of the
Americas in Chile

Maritza Meneses   
Maritza Meneses

Executive Director
Chamber of the
Americas in Canada

Coleen Merritt   
Coleen Merritt

Executive Director
Chamber of the
Americas in Belize

Adette Tillett   
Adette Tillett

Chamber of the
Americas in Belize

Henry Luis Garcia Rodriguez   
Henry Luis Garcia Rodriguez

Executive Director
Chamber of the
Americas in Peru

George Heinrich  Chairman Emeritus

Peru Has More To
Offer Than Mining
Chamber of the Americas can help
you in the Peruvian Market

      Peru wants Chinese companies in its infrastructure construction sector to diversify their investment portfolio, rather than just focus on mining, according to Alejandro Toledo, the country's former president.
      "Peru is a country with incredible biodiversity. Yet it is also a geographically accidental land. If China can help build railways and roads to speed up trans-
portation and lower costs, our agricultural products can be more profitable," Toledo told China Daily.
      According to the Ministry of Commerce, China had invested more than $14 billion in Peru by the end of 2014, making it the second-largest investment destination in Latin America. Read more...

Chamber of the Americas
Hears Discussion About
Trans-Pacific Trade

by Miller Hudson
Taken from The Colorado Statesman

       Recently, the Chamber of the Americas sponsored a luncheon tutorial to explain the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement at the Palm restaurant in Denver. Chamber director Gil Cisneros invited Tyler Rauert, a trade attorney with the Polaris Law Group in Longmont, to educate members on the TPP's potential impacts on Colorado exporters. Rauert kicked off his remarks by pointing out that "there is absolutely nothing sexy about trade agreements. For the most part, they are hundreds of pages guaranteed to cure your insomnia." But, he added, "A few people care a lot because they have a lot at stake." Read more...

Chamber of the Americas:
A Conduit to Latin American Commerce and Culture

by Wayne Trujillo
Former Director of Communications
Chamber of the Americas

Taken from The Huffington Post

      The ubiquitous chamber of commerce populates America's business topography comparable to apple pie, baseball and midsummer pyrotechnics. Every municipality boasts a local business consortium that promotes and facilitates commerce. The Chamber of the Americas (COTA), an organization based in Lakewood, Colorado, but active throughout the Western Hemisphere, is a pithy and expansive variation of the typical American chamber of commerce.
      Gil Cisneros, COTA's founder and interim Chairman and CEO, experienced a storied career before initiating his current endeavor. A presidential appointee as regional administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration for seven years in the '80s and '90s, Cisneros also earned national recognition from both Hispanic magazine and Hispanic Business magazine. (The former publication honored him as one of the 100 most influential Hispanics in 1991). Read more...

COTA Gearing Up for
Innovative Technologies

      The University of Southern California's renowned Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism accepted COTA Communications Director Wayne Trujillo into its Master of Communication Management program. Next year, COTA will initiate an ambitious program and schedule to disseminate its mission and vision through innovative communication practices and digital platforms and technologies. USC Annenberg's MCM program, described as the "Communicator's MBA," integrates all facets of the communication process, including strategy, development, delivery and measurement, into a rigorous graduate program that has real-world applications across organizations, situations, platforms and campaigns. Read more...

COTA North America
in the Spotlight

by David Conde
November 19, 2014

      Governor John Hickenlooper led a Colorado Biennial of the Americas Summit business delegation to Mexico in July of this year. Gil Cisneros, CEO of the Chamber of the Americas (COTA), was a part of the delegation and took the opportunity to execute a planned opening of a COTA office in Mexico City.
      Since then 11 corporations have become charter members of the Chamber and the list is growing. COTA also has offices in Guadalajara, Monterrey and Veracruz, but it is the Mexico City office that is rapidly becoming a platform for a variety of commercial, trade and educational activities that show great promise. Read more...

Denver Language School
Crosses the
English-Only Border

by Gil Cisneros and Wayne Trujillo
Chamber of the Americas


      Dr. Sara Amodio understands the lingo of education and experimentation. She is also fluent in the theories and practices of innovative and inclusive curriculums. The executive principal of the Denver Language School presides over a multicultural and multilingual kingdom comprised of elementary and middle school students pooled from across the metropolitan area. While the students' racial and socio-economic backgrounds are different, their presence, purpose and pursuits at the school involve target language proficiencies – literate, verbal and cultural. DLS's immersion education is really that – complete engagement.
      Traditional schools typical offer an hourly second-language excursion. At DLS, the second language resounds throughout the day's curriculum, not merely in reading, writing and phonetic lessons. Students hear, speak and apply their adopted language in art, science and math classes. The target Read more...

Commercial Outreach
to Latin America

by David Conde

      The passenger output of Denver International Airport (DIA) places it as the major hub in the center of the country. Its passenger traffic makes it one of the top four airports in the United States and helps make the statement that it is great to do business in Colorado.
      As with the airport, the state also projects major power in attracting business interests both nationally and internationally. People like Gil Cisneros have seen to it that Colorado is not left behind in reaching for a fair share of international markets.
      His collaboration to achieve this goes back to the time he led the regional Small Business Administration some decades ago. I first had the opportunity to see him at work during the outstanding forums for which his organizations are known. Read more...

Cuba Is Changing
by Wayne Trujillo
Former Director of Communications
Chamber of the Americas

From Vail Daily Column

      An apparently polite and perfunctory presidential encounter at Nelson Mandela's memorial became more than a mere handshake. Not only did President Barack Obama shake Raul Castro's hand, but he also shook the Beltway and blogosphere, ironically and metaphorically giving pause to those with sanitary concerns about casual and calculated handshakes. This one did indeed go viral. The handshake grabbed the synoptic attention spans that comprise the Internet, inciting gobs of Google returns and emotional comments.
      While some pundits and politicians consider President Obama's acknowledge-ment of Cuba's leader either a pragmatic grasp of diplomacy or merely a funereal formality, others lambasted the palming as insouciance, Read more...

Time to Open Up to Cuba
by Wayne Trujillo
Former Director of Communications
Chamber of the Americas

From Vail Daily, Opinion

      As the Chamber of the Americas prepares a cultural mission to Cuba and plunges into preparation for a journey that embraces personal passions, cultural education and exploration, I ponder the benefits of American-Cuban exchanges.
       While the very notion of the chamber's mission to Cuba provokes anger from a small but powerful group, the chamber believes that such missions promote, rather than hinder, democracy.
       I'm not going to debate specific political and policy positions. However, I can translate empirical experience to the possibilities of tourism and economic reform in Cuba, which American tourism and cultural exchange would encourage.
       Without tourism in Eagle County, we'd be talking about Hispanic absence rather than Hispanic presence. Then again, there would be many demographics missing from the valley. But tourism not only retained and increased Hispanic residency in the valley, the associated economics encouraged assimilation, advancement and assets. Read more...

Hope for Immigration Fix
by Gil Cisneros and Wayne Trujillo
Chamber of the Americas

As seen in The Denver Post

Contrary to popular fears, immigration reform will enhance rather than dilute public funds and resources, write Gil Cisneros and Wayne Trujillo of the Chamber of the Americas.
(Jim Watson, AFP/Getty)

      Immigration reform has made a comeback. In the last five years, a recession, housing bust, unemployment, two presidential elections, gay marriage and a host of other economic, political and social bombshells overshadowed the plight of the estimated 11.2 million people in the United States without legal documentation.
      The heady 2006 rallies marched past noisy crowds and even louder headlines – not into victory, but a silent and shadowy netherworld without resolution or satisfaction on anybody's behalf. Media blips occasionally reminded America of the issue and activists constantly patrolled, on the lookout for any signs of action within or without the Beltway.
      Arizona and Alabama provided the A‑list sideshows to federal inaction. Read more...

COTA's Speaker, Frank Gallo,
Makes His Book Available

Granada Publishing Services
The Comandante's Gift book cover

"The Comandante's Gift"
by Frank Gallo

Caution: If you intend to read this book, be sure you are ready to stay up late. This book is difficult to put down. It deals with the turbulent 1980s in Nicaragua and efforts by the United States and others to overthrow communist dictator Daniel Ortega and his Sandinistas and restore democracy to the Central American country. The spy intrigues, the many dangers faced by those battling the Communist Sandinistas, the gun battles, the harrowing aircraft fights all keep the reader glued till the last page, where a little romance steps in.

- Excerpt from a review by Joe McGowan, Associated Press Reporter

Hispanic Marketing book

      While literally thousands of books are written every year on the topic of marketing, few books are written on the subject of marketing to U.S. Hispanics. Even fewer are written in a way that provides the reader with a practical understanding of the distinctiveness of the Hispanic population in America.
      In this perceptive book, Sonderup demonstrates her deep understanding of solid marketing principles combined with a career's worth of cultural and consumer observations. Many of the insights found in these pages may seem obvious, even simple. But that's exactly the challenge for the marketing professional: Read more...

Stock Market Finance


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H.R. Peña Appointed to
Represent COTA in D.C.

  Gil Cisneros is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, H. R. Bert Peña of Troutman Sanders Strategies (TSS) and Troutman Sanders LLP (TS) has been appointed as
Chamber of the Americas exclusive representative in Washington, D.C.
      "The Chamber of the Americas is very pleased to join forces with H.R. Bert Peña, a veteran of Washington, D.C. with more than three decades of legal and lobbying experience representing diverse U.S. and international clients before the U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch of the Federal Government," as stated by Gil Cisneros. "Peña brings to COTA a proven track record of successfully navigating complex legislative and regulatory matters and delivering valuable results for clients.
      "Mr. Peña also brings his years of experience in the legal and lobbying arena to the Chamber of the Americas to assist our key members with their company interests and objectives as it pertains to the U.S. Congress, the Executive Branch of the Federal Government and the many international institutions based in the nation's Capital," stated Gil Cisneros.

Alejandro Saavedra Jiménez
Promoted to President of
Chamber of the Americas, Mexico

In recognition of his hard work for COTA Mexico, Alejandro Saavedra Jiménez, having added 28 new members to our organization in a short period, has been promoted to President of Chamber of the Americas, Mexico. We are very confident that he will meet the new responsibilities that accompany this position with the same level of enthusiasm and enterprise which he has exhibited since he started working with us.

Upcoming Programs

The Americas Executive Forum Luncheon

Latin American Series
"Brazil: To Succeed
in Latin America's
Biggest Economy...
Resilience Pays"

Gil Cisneros and Angela Rivera-Malpiede
Gil Cisneros with Angie Rivera-Malpiede, member, Board of Directors, and co-chair, Civil Rights Committee of Denver's Regional Transportation District (RTD), who discussed the long-term benefits of the Fastracks expansion at the Americas Executive Forum Luncheon May 23rd. Fastracks' purpose and goals are to enhance environmental and economic sustainability.

Gil Cisneros and Jack Kahan
Arturo Lopez Levy speaking at the Executive Forum Luncheon


Re: COTA's 11-10-13 Cultural
Mission to Cuba

William Kinsella is a COTA member who attended the COTA Cuban Cultural Mission. We want to share Mr. Kinsella's incisive and illuminating commentary and observations on contemporary Cuba and the cultural mission. COTA appreciates his support for and contributions to COTA's mission. Mr. Kinsella is Director of Constituent Services for the Office of Rhode Island Governor Lincoln D. Chafee. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Please note: Mr. Kinsella's participation in COTA's Cuba Cultural Mission was a personal endeavor outside his official position and duties in Governor Chafee's office. The following commentary is his personal opinion, and does not represent those of Governor Chafee's office.

You did a fantastic job in your recent summary of capturing the COTA mission's essence and its agenda, all the while interjecting keen observations about the socio-economic-politico climate in Cuba that dispel conventional American stereotypes (a number of which I've encountered since returning from the COTA mission.)

The COTA mission provided an incredibly intimate yet diverse understanding of Cuba and her wonderful people during their transition to an open market economy with greater personal economic autonomy, high standards of living and progressive human rights. I was pleasantly surprised by the conditions and ongoing improvements occurring in Cuba and found only the fading and outdated communist propaganda billboards suggestive of the past. In fact, all that seems to remain of post-Revolutionary Cuban injustice is the U.S. embargo. Read more...

Re: 11-10-13 Cultural Mission to Cuba

Thank you, Gil, and Chamber of the Americas for an outstanding trip. I feel very fortunate I was able to experience Cuba in this way and with such great people. The group leader's experience, connections and passion were priceless, and I am unable to express how impactful and thought-provoking this trip was for me. I would highly recommend this trip program to anyone interested in Cuba.

Thank you,
Chrissy Lynch
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Cathedral entrance in Cuba
People of Cuba
View of the City

New Cuba book cover

"Raul Castro and the New Cuba"
by Harlan Abrahams and
Arturo Lopez-Levy (COTA Member)

In 2006, Fidel Castro yielded power over Cuba to his younger brother Raúl, making him the first new president of the island nation in nearly five decades. Since then, Raúl has ushered in many changes and reforms, including allowing open criticism of the government, lifting the ban on personal electronics like cell phones and computers, and allowing farmers to purchase their own equipment.

This timely work weaves together expert analysis with narrative accounts from current Cuban citizens to explore the economic, political, legal, and social changes occurring in Cuba under Raúl Castro's presidency. Read more...

Re: 10-19-11 Trade Mission to Peru

Thank you for the most precisioned and productive business-client alliance I have ever attended. I came to Peru based upon the belief that this would be different than other conferences I've attended, both in the USA and internationally.

It truly was! You and your team brought "realistic opportunities" to the table as well as capable end users that are poised to engage. I am pleased beyond words and look forward to our immediate and future dealings!

I look favorably to meeting with you and Edgar in Denver next week to discuss our future relationship and how, together, we may make the difference in Peru and Latin America.

Very Respectfully,

Danny Duran
Latin America-International Advisor
FOP Development Group
VFH Turbine

Investment Opportunities

The Caribbean is a region located in close geographical proximity to the U.S., with many shared historical and cultural ties. Fifteen Caribbean countries are currently joined together as part of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) union, while there are five associate member countries.

U.S. Commerce Department Senior Adviser and Chief of Staff, Rick Wade, recently remarked (following a departmental Trade Mission to Jamaica and the Dominican Republic) that due to its "close proximity and a favorable trading relationship over time" the Caribbean is "a natural area for U.S. firms to explore new export opportunities that will result in more jobs for American workers." He added that in today's global marketplace, "It is critical for companies to establish alliances with partners in other markets in order to be competitive."

The Chamber of the Americas supports this sentiment and presents to you this report summarizing key points of interest for those who would like to find out more about going into these markets. We hope this information will be of use to you, and if you have inquiries on any specific point, please e-mail Gil@chamberoftheamericas or

How Puerto Rico Kicked
its Deficit to the Curb

by P.J. Dinner

Puerto Rico is an island situated between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of the Dominican Republic. It is a self-governing commonwealth in association with the United States. The chief of state is the President of the U.S.; the head of government is an elected governor (Luis Fortuño since 1-2-09). There are two legislative chambers: the House of Representatives, 51 seats, and the Senate, 27 seats.

Puerto Rico's success in beating back a $2-billion deficit and clearing the path to solvency was the story that Jose R. Perez-Riera related at the Chamber of the Americas (COTA) Executive Forum luncheon on March 23rd, according to Gil Cisneros, COTA president/CEO. Perez-Riera is secretary of Puerto Rico's Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DEDC). (Click here to download a copy of the presentation.) Read more...

Chairperson for Chamber of the Americas Laura Sonderup, President Pepe Lobo of Honduras, and Gil Cisneros, Chairman and CEO, Chamber of the Americas, at the November 8th Americas Forum in Denver, Colorado. (See story below.)

Chamber of the Americas
Gives Honduras a Boost

by Dr. David Conde, La Voz

      Gil Cisneros has worked tirelessly for decades for the inclusion of Latin America in the U.S. priorities for trade and investment. My first experiences with his efforts involved Gov. Owens' trade missions to Mexico in 1999 and 2000.
      At that time, Cisneros was the Executive Director of the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce. Since then, he has moved over to direct the Chamber of the Americas, which provides a wider field for his work.
      A constant stream of executive breakfasts and conferences held by the Chamber has put a variety of opportunities on the table for U.S. companies and individuals wanting to do business in Mexico, Central and South America. Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Guatemala and Mexico among others are brought together with our buyers and sellers to begin the trading and investment process and help prosperity win out.
      That was the case on Monday, November 8, when the Chamber of the Americas in partnership with Metropolitan State College of Denver and others including Mayor of Denver and Govenor-elect John Hickenlooper hosted a Honduran delegation that came to town to find partners for its growing economy. This time around however, the delegation was led by Porfirio José (Pepe) Lobo López, president of the country.
      Honduras is one of the major bastions of the Mayan civilization that flourished between 400 and 900 A.D. Its ancient city Copán located on its eastern border together with Tikal in Guatemala and Palenque in southern Mexico, are considered the most important examples of the Classic Maya. Read more...

Guatemalan Trade Opportunities
in Full Bloom

March 27, 2014 in Denver, CO

      German Cerezo was the keynote speaker at a recent Chamber of the Americas meeting and verbally painted a glowing image of the progress and opportunity in his native country of Guatemala.
      Cerezo is currently the Executive Director of Grupo Entre Rios, a holding company concerned with sustainable woods and elastics in the Natural Rubber industry. He is a consultant with the group and in charge of new business development. This fluently bilingual and personable professional has an extensive background and expertise in international business, export and investment development, project management and international trade logistics.

German Cerezo on Guatemalan Trade

      He was a trade commissioner for Guatemala for 12 years and has been involved with 20 international corporations, plus another Read more...

COTA Member, Len Harris, awarded "The Golden Tumi"

    The Peruvian College of Engineers in Lima, Peru, has awarded Len Harris The Golden Tumi "for his fruitful work in the Mining/Metallurgical industry in Peru, which has contributed to the economic development of Peru."
    Len, COTA is very proud of your accomplishments. May you have many more.
     Gilberto (Gil) Cisneros
     Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
     Chamber of the Americas (COTA)

COTA Member, Donusia Lipinski
COTA Member, Donusia Lipinski, Featured in Piedmont Business Journal

A Gringo in Mexico -
Tripping over my Spanish

by Michael Maggio

      I retired to Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit, Mexico, in January of 2012. I'm happy as a clam here. It is a second-world town of 3,000 people at an elevation of 3,000 feet above sea level. It is about 50 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. It's a clean and tidy town with friendly hard-working people. I've been teaching English, guitar and math and doing volunteer work.
       I love the people, the climate, the food, the geography, and especially the language. Spanish is so expressive and musical. However, I was not fluent when I arrived and I still study it every day. For your amusement here are a few of my experiences in learning Spanish. Read more...

County Native Close to Roots
by Wayne Trujillo

      Eagle County claims many enduring attributes: pristine snowscapes, soaring mountains, temperate summers and terrain that is so preternaturally conducive to recreational sports that the more ecstatic descriptions typically carry celestial implications – God's country, skier's paradise and hiker's heaven.
       Another less conspicuous attribute that has endured through seasonal shifts has been the Hispanic presence. Today, the Latin American tourists and investors who populate Eagle County's slopes and the Latin American workers who populate its service industry represent both a dichotomy and archetypical bookend of the area's Hispanic demographic. Read more...

Chamber of the Americas'
New Office in Lima, Peru - "Commerce of the Americas"

The COTA Team in Lima, Peru,
is waiting to serve you.

COTA team in Peru
Miguel Angel Tataje Alponte
Director Comercial - Regional
255 Monte Rosa, piso 4 Chacarilla
Santiago de Surco, Lima PERU
Direct U.S. Tel (303) 732-3576
Tel: (511) 625-9742
Fax: (511) 638-1929

Business Opportunities
in Peru

Peru has many products available for resale, including:

Agriculture/ Food Produce:
  • Industrial Egg Powder products
  • High Quality Peruvian Pisco

Construction and Furniture:
  • Wholesale Wooden Doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Home Furniture

Clothing & Apparel:
  • Leather and Synthetic Handbags and Wallets

Also, please feel free to circulate to companies that may have an interest in these opportunities. For inquiries regarding supplies for production or re-sale, to reduce operating costs or improve margins, contact us.

Milo J. Blanco
Commercial Representative
Commerce of The Americas 303-472-1399


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