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The Chamber of the Americas is proud to serve the western hemisphere and has received many accolades for its role in assisting business moves into
foreign markets.

“Gil, I always admired and respected you. You have been, and you are, an inspiration. For that reason, I am glad that, after so many years of "estar luchando," day after day you share so much good news, from your members of COTA to new alliances. Again, my deep admiration for your work. May you enjoy the fruits of so many years of hard work and dedication!”

Francisco E. Miraval, Founder
Project Vision 21, Aurora, Colorado

“A quarter of a century! Wow. That is a venerable institution. Congratulations. COTA is a positive step for Direct Foreign Investment. Agricultural development and increased food production is good for the world. Artificial barriers are just that — no relation to supply and demand of private enterprise. I appreciate that you keep your finger on the pulse of the Western Hemisphere. You help us all.”

Charles Cervantes, Managing Member
Business & Procurement Partners, LLC

“Gil, your leadership and vision are what has made the Chamber of the Americas a vibrant, well-positioned organization. It is truly the most strategic vehicle available for businesses, large and small, to gain economic empowerment and succeed in a complex, fast-changing, world-business environment.”

Les Trujillo
President and CEO
Transformative Win Strategies (TWS, LLC)
U.S. & Global Business Solutions