Mexico Remains Attractive to Investors

Imprimir Despite problems such as violence and unemployment, Mexico remains an attractive country to receive foreign investments in 2011 said KPMG consulting and the financial group Credit Suisse. Mexico's progress in indicators of institutions like the World Bank, and good macroeconomic numbers, make that decision makers have Mexico in mind when searching for a destination to invest their money, said KPMG. Mexico has for powerful factors in favor: the proximity to the world's largest economy and a market with 112 million inhabitants. The consulting noted that while in the last 3 administrations many jobs were lost, these jobs are recovering and the productive plant remains. It also said that, according to data from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), in the first 9 months of 2010 exports of goods amounted to $75,545 billion dollars, representing an increase of 29.1% over 2009. Credit Suisse added that demographic advantage that in the country there will be improvement in macroeconomic conditions in the medium and long term, opening the opportunity for strong growth from new investors. For the institution, the fact that most of the inhabitants are under 35 years, means that eventually in 5, 10, or 15 years will be developed and will achieve a greater degree of economic autonomy that encourages investment. "While Mexico continues developing its economic structures as it has done and impulse reform to enhance the development of the country will have in the medium term a high presence with investors of medium and high purchasing power," the company revealed in a study. In this situation, Credit Suisse concluded, in the next 10 years will begin to see a larger and more sophisticated market where people, between 35 and 50 will seek to invest.
2011-02-17 14:03:00