Chamber/Americas is seeking your assistance without you spending a cent!

The Chamber of the Americas is now participating in Continental Airlines' Reward One Program. It works by helping Chamber of the Americas earn mileage for our business trips. For example, if you fly anywhere with Continental Airlines, they would automatically give the Chamber/Americas points. You will NOT forfeit any of your personal miles! Chamber/Americas will earn 10% of one point for every $100.00 you spend on airfare with Continental. We earn one ticket for every 14 points. All we need is your one pass number. If you are not a "one pass" member, simply go to and enroll; then send your "one pass" number to: Gilberto (Gil) Cisneros President/CEO Chamber of the Americas 720 Kipling, Suite 13 Denver, Colorado, 80215. USA Tel: 303.462.1275 Fax: 303.462.1560 Cel: 720.309.7686 Question? Just call us.
2011-06-09 17:17:28