Chamber of the Americas names Tony Bottagaro as Executive Director, Chamber of the Americas Foundation

Chamber of the Americas (COTA) is proud to announce the appointment of Tony Bottagaro as Executive Director, Chamber of the Americas Foundation. In addition, Tony will continue to serve as COTA's COO and special advisor on National and International Affairs in the public and private sectors.

"COTA is now embarking on a new and exciting endeavor by taking our 25 years of navigating international waters of trade and economic development to another level. Our goal for the betterment of all humanity is for the Foundation to take our newly developed educational program "You Are the Difference: The Human Face in Doing Business," nationally and internationally to universities and colleges through webinars, as well as reaching out to other organizations and institutions including, statewide special town hall events," said Cisneros.

Gil continued, "For COTA's Foundation to move forward and meet its objectives the need for an Executive Director has become apparent. I have tremendous confidence and trust in Tony as a seasoned and trusted leader. He is exceptionally qualified as executive director to drive the strategic goals of the Foundation."

In response to his appointment, Bottagaro said, "I welcome the opportunity to lead COTA’s Foundation into new waters. Our educational program, 'You Are the Difference: The Human Face in Doing Business,' is an absolute game changer to change the course of History for the greater good of all peoples. A world more human and more divine. I continue to look forward to working closely with Gil Cisneros, and Dr. David Conde, President, North America, COTA and Senior Consultant for International Programs.

Tony continued, "'You Are the Difference' is a true statement for all peoples and by planting seeds of hope and love, one by one by one, we can heal a Divided Nation and International Community now and into the future. The pathway and bridge to hope, whenever and whatever the situation, is to always remember the human face and heart of all humanity, and that awareness is planted deep in the heart of Chamber of the Americas and its Foundation!
2018-06-18 18:35:41