Chamber of the Americas is proud to announce the appointment of Erika Ojeda-Louvier as Consulting Director of Public Relations

Ms. Ojeda-Louvier is a bilingual business executive with an extensive background in development, budgeting, finance, and marketing. In addition, she brings her expertise in public relations in working with diverse cultures.

As communications and public relations director for prior organizations nationally and internationally, Ms. Ojeda-Louvier has developed comprehensive communication plans to promote and maximize awareness for their respective entities. She also managed production and dissemination of all internal and external communication materials, including annual reports, web graphics, and promotional videos, produced monthly e-newsletter, social media, and website copy, wrote and distributed press releases to targeted media, managed information, and engaged with users on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

"There is no doubt," says COTA's CEO Gil Cisneros, "that Erika will be a wonderful asset to focus and promote Chamber of the Americas and its Foundation, which is now embarking on a new and exciting endeavor by taking its 25 years of navigating international waters of trade and economic development to another level to heal a divided nation and international community now and into the future."

COTA's objective is for the betterment of all peoples by taking its newly developed outreach program, "You Are the Difference," and its educational program, "The Human Face in Doing Business," nationally and internationally to universities and colleges through webinars and seminars. The educational module is adaptable and can be integrated into any curriculum.

COTA's "You Are the Difference" outreach program will embark on a campaign through special events, town halls, seminars and social media to leadership, businesses and corporations, nonprofits, other institutions, organizations and women and men everywhere. The purpose and focus is to discuss opportunities to change the standards and values of the world, by planting seeds of hope and love, to create a society for the greater good of all humanity.

Ms. Ojeda-Louvier can be reached by e-mail at or by telephone at 303.944.3398.
2018-09-14 03:27:25