Healing A Divided Nation and International Community

Tony Bottagaro, Special Advisor on National and International Affairs said, "Under Gil Cisneros' leadership and vision, COTA continues to grow as a vibrant, well-positioned global organization. Over the last 25 years he has been tireless in his pursuit of economic empowerment and justice throughout the International Community." He continued, "Due to the ever-changing tide in global events, the Chamber through its Foundation has decided to take a more active leadership role in creating a society for the greater good of all humanity, by planting seeds of hope and love and in the process, heal a Divided Nation and International Community." Dr. David Conde, who serves as COTA's North American President and senior consultant, said, "In conjunction with COTA's outreach program, we are genuinely excited about our interactive University-College Educational Module, "You are the Difference: The Human Face in Doing Business," which can be expanded to other initiatives that wish to incorporate the same into their existing programs." Dr. Conde continued, "The purpose of the educational module is to study and discuss opportunities to change the standards and values that make business worldwide have a more human face, accompanied by a positive attitude about economic justice and human relations." Gil Cisneros stated, "The Chamber of the Americas Foundation respectfully requests your support in helping to make possible its objective to present the Foundation's outreach program to Universities, Colleges, Economic Organizations, Chambers, Corporations, National and International, NGOs, Consulates, Nonprofits, etc., by funding or hosting our inspiring and productive town halls, special events, webinars and seminars. Thank you for your consideration. TO DONATE OR HOST PLEASE CHECK OUR WEBSITE! For further information contact Tony Bottagaro, Special Advisor on National and International Affairs at tonybottagaro@comcast.net or call direct at 303-517-5825.
2019-04-08 00:39:56