COTA’s Official Launch of “You Are The Difference”

Chamber of the Americas Foundation officially launched its program, "You Are the Difference: The Human Face in Doing Business," at a Special Town Hall Event in Denver, Colorado. Gil Cisneros, introduced the Vision, Dr. David Conde presented the program, and Tony Bottagaro was the keynote speaker. Dr. Ann Murphy, Dean, of the College of Business, Metropolitan State University, received the College's award for its "forward-looking and pioneering leadership in International Business and Cultural Understanding" and moderated the Q&A segment. Some Special Town Hall Event reflections and comments are as follows: "The Chamber of the Americas presentation at the town hall, "The Human Face in Doing Business" with the emphasis on You are the Difference, was a very inspirational and insightful perspective, highlighting the organization's exciting new endeavor about taking trade and economic development to another level by emphasizing personal and human relationships as basis for doing business." — Angela Lawson, Aurora City Council Member-At-Large     "In 'You are the Difference,' Tony Bottagaro's stories illustrate how we can each make our own unique impact." — Ann B. Murphy, Ph.D., Dean, College of Business Metropolitan State University, Denver, Colorado     "Tony is a gifted storyteller. I enjoyed the prose and admired the way he wove his words into a vision of light and magic. It was such a pleasure to hear!"  — Felicia Naranjo Martinez, Executive Director, CEUCE University of Colorado, Boulder     “Thank you to the Chamber of the Americas for making the "You Are the Difference" program available not just to the members, but to the Denver business community and beyond. This should be a required experience for business people who want to understand how to be successful in today's turbulent times."  — Bob Miller, Executive Director, Sustainable Family Communities, Inc.     "After 40 years in business, I know how important relationships are in the development of a business. If you don't establish trust and respect for others, you don't succeed. It's as simple as that. I think that is also true in day-to-day relationships as well."  — Bob Martinez, The Longway Home Project     "All my existence, I have to help my friends when they need it, because that’s what my father taught me. In the same way I try to cooperate with my 'grain of sand' to make this wide and foreign world much better; where the human creature lives in peace with its neighbor and respects it, regardless of color of its skin, its sexual preferences, its religion or political belief, simply that we live more as children of the same Creator!"  — Carlos Klinger, President, Carlos Klinger & Sons, Accounting
2019-05-30 01:48:10