Dateline – March, 2022
An open letter to all people of different languages, religions and nations…My peace to you.

In 2014, I wrote “The Universal Declaration of a World More Human and More Divine” to set a time clock in motion to change the course of history for the greater good. The seconds are ticking away. The erosion of societies' accepted traditions and belief systems have begun...or have they?

Well, I imagine that they have...why? Because everything begins with imagination. Absolutely everything!

Having said that I invite you to imagine and to harmonize your mind, heart and soul and join a movement of unconditional love...a Revolution of Love...vested in the Holy Spirit.
  • a movement ... not about you or about me... love is all about we.

  • a movement ... not about searching the internet ... but soul-searching.

  • a movement ... not only online ... but in flesh and blood.

  • a movement... that begins and ends with each and every one of us.

The Declaration says, in part: "There comes a time, and that time is now, for the One body of people of different languages, religions and nations to come together, one by one, to eliminate, with unconditional love, any injustice or evil that exists within governments, religions and all sectors in the economic and social systems. To respect the opinions of humankind, we declare the causes that impel us to change the course of history."
Together We Can...Together as One...One by One by One...turn imagination into reality and Create A World More Human and More Divine!
It's all about love and love is just not an important thing...it's everything.
  • Love is timely and timeless.

  • Love is the antidote to negativity fear and divisiveness that permeate society.

  • Love is the one enduring solution to all of life's challenges and problems, global or personal.

With Love...Pass it On! Sincerely your friend, Tony Bottagaro If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of the Declaration or my latest book, "Imagine a Journey to A World More Human and More Divine" and its Playbook for Discussion Groups and Schools (both in PDF form), please feel free to message or send an e-mail to tonybottagaro@gmail.com.